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Newport Boat Show Boat Directory, Second Page & Back Page, Featured Boats

Photo shoot for King5 TV evening-magazine today went well. It will air on the 1st or 2nd day of the [our USA made Helicat's debut and link to the show] Sept. 11 or 12 at 7pm . see for info about the show --

We were with the reporter, camera man and boat show PR person for 2.5 hrs today. they shot with the TV cam and go-pro from the dock, an interview, from dock shooting boat. from chase boat and from the Helicat itself.

We will get a link to the web video when it airs and I will post here and on website. I will buy a dvd for after the link goes away. you cannot download only stream it from their web site. They might have had a helicopter for the shoot, but it was in the shop today.

The reporter and whole team were great and easy to work with -- see reporter's impressive bio





Oral Q & A for HeliCat 22 –To the Bahamas Oct. 26 in 2 hours on 10 gallons of fuel with eye-popping fun. Video interview at

What are you going to do on this demonstration trip to the Bahamas?

We are going from Miami to Bimini Island, which is only 50 miles but we will be out of site of land for most of the trip and are crossing the Gulf Stream where the weather and seas can change really fast.

What’s different about taking this trip in the Helicat?

It’s the combination of fast and stable with great fuel economy. Doing 20-30 mph in whitecap waves while getting 5 mpg which is not possible in other boats.

What makes it safe to do this trip in the light small Helicat 22?

Being a catamaran it is stable. Having twin motors with separate fuel tanks give redundancy. The Helicat can run over 15 KN with one motor. It has positive foam flotation AND 10 separate hull flotation compartments -- in case you hit something and take on water, you could probably keep going, just a little slower. There is no hull cavity to trap water so you could take green water over the bow and the boat stays stable. Most small normal boats that take on a lot of water from an unusual wave become unstable with the water sloshing to the low side and less maneuverable due to the weight added.

What is New, different, and better about the HeliCat?

·        Fun like a jet ski but you stay dry, are safer, and have room for others and stuff.

·        Spray can cover the boat and you stay drier.

·        Open air fun ride like a motorcycle but no risk of traffic or crash injury and 3 can ride.

·        Boats are for fun and entertainment- you might as well draw a crowd!

·        It can go to the Bahamas but be towed by a mid-sized car and is low maintenance.

What else is new with this design?

With its modular design, we could mount any sports or specialty convertible car body on the Helicat hulls. You could have an easy-up quiet and totally dry convertible top like a car with doors and roll up windows for easy entry and convenient adjustment for different weather conditions. There are lots of fiberglass kit cars on the market which would be suitable for mounting on the Helicat hulls.

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