HeliCat Brochure

Download the images seen left in a 3 page pdf file.


It looks like it could take off – Does it lift off the water?

Everywhere I take the prototype, I am asked this question. No, it does not fly. It is a catamaran  [2 hull] boat and only the front part of the hulls lift at higher speeds. However, it does feel like you are flying at 30 mph in whitecap waves.

What do people use HeliCats for [see photos]:

-FUN!  while also Drawing attention to your business. 

-Water travel to Islands, marine businesses.

-Resort adventure tours [3-7 total, 3 seats in the cab and 2 jump seats on each hull], water taxis [3+ seats]

-Fishing - like a bass boat for rough water.

-Remote Kayaking - take your kayaks to remote places fast.

-Wakeboarding or new sport -- Extreme Wakeboarding in waves.

-Offshore SCUBA diving platform.

- Parasail to be tested soon

How would I ship it if I bought it? 

We have designed it to effectively fit in a 40 ft container and be reassembled in 4-8 hours. The cockpit/cab comes off with a few bolts and weighs under 200 lbs., so it can be lifted by 2 men or a small hoist. The new aluminum strut/step unit will unbolt from one hull and the hulls will slide together and be effectively braced on the trailer which is narrow enough to roll into the container. Shipping anywhere in the USA for under $5,000 and anywhere in the world for $6,000 plus any applicable duties.

How do you pull a wake board, ski, or tube?

The tow rope attaches to the ‘tail’ – as high as a wake board tower -- see Video.

Where would the flag person be?
In an optional fishing seat on either side step rotated to face backwards with a seat belt for safety–but not over 30 mph.

How can I fish off the HeliCat?

Order the swivel seats mounted on the steps and the rocket launchers to hold your rods while quickly getting to your fishing grounds. The tail is hollow so it makes a very secure rod holder.

Is there a trampoline or something between the two hulls?
No, to save weight and spalsh creation, but there is an optional trampoline between cockpit strut and the back strut --for bulky cargo like tubes or crab traps. This could also be a solid aluminum deck for diving tanks, etc.

When and where can I see the HeliCat?
By appointment in WA [we'll pick you up at the airport and take you for a test drive] or boat shows -- see schedule at bottom. 
What is the Venture aluminum trailer like?

It is specially modified for the HeliCat from the Venture Aluminum Model VAB 3025 with disc brakes and LED lights. 

How can I buy a HeliCat?

Contact Sandy at the number above. Fiberglass hulls and cab are made by Fiberglass in Monroe WA are  available at 1-2 per month. 20% deposit will reserve your boat. 


Boat Show Schedule


Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show Oakland, CA, April 11-14

Newport Boat Show Los Angeles, CA, April 18-21

Boats Afloat Boat Show Lake Union, Seattle, Sept. 11-15

Mosquito Creek Boat Show Vancouver, BC, Sept. 19-22

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Florida, Oct. 31-Nov. 4

St. Petersberg Power & Sail Show Florida, Dec. 5-8


Seattle Jan. 24-Feb. 2

Miami Feb. 13-17

West Palm Beach Mar. 20-23

*Some of these appearances are subject to cancellation

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